Recipe of Healthy Yummy Vegetarian Diet Dessert "Phirni"


Healthy Diet Dessert

Main Ingredients:

1400 Gm Milk
1/8 Cup Basmati Rice
6 Green Cardamom Seeds Powdered
2 Tsp Ruh Kewra
3-4 Strands of Saffron soaked in hot water
1/6 Cup Sugar
6 Green Pistachio soaked peeled & sliced

Optional Ingredients:

4 Almonds Shredded

Vegetarian Diet Dessert Recipe of Phirni
Diet Dessert


First we soak the Rice for 40-60 minutes. Grind very fine with 8-10 Tbsp of Water to a paste. Dissolve the rice paste in 1/4 Cup Milk. Make it thin. Mix the rice paste with remaining  Milk in a heavy bottomed pan. Cook on medium heat. Stirring continuously till it is of creamy consistency. Add Sugar & Cardamom Powder. Stir very well. Simmer till sugar is fully dissolved. Boil for 2 minutes. Remove from fire. Add Ruh Kewra. Pour it into 12 small containers. Chill & decorate with Saffron, Almonds & Pistachios