Healthy Delicious "No Bake Coorgi Coffee Brownies" Recipe For Vegetarians

Coffee Flavoured Brownies Prepared without an Oven


1/8 Cup Water
1/4 Tsp Salt 
200 Gm Melted Dark Chocolate
4 Cup Cracker { Biscuit }Crumbs 
3 Tsp Coffee Powder from Coorg
1/4 Cup Sweetened Condensed Milk
1/8 Cup Finely chopped roasted Almonds
1/8 Cup Cocoa Powder


First we make Coffee concoction by boiling 1/8 Cup of Water & mixing the Coffee Powder init. Now we strain after 12-15 minutes. Mix this with the Condensed Milk. Now line an 16" square baking dish with 4 crossed strips of parchment paper, letting the long ends hang over the sides of the dish. Grease lightly with Butter.  Mix Almonds, Crackers, Salt & Cocoa in a large bowl then pour in the coffee condensed milk mixture. Pour in the melted chocolate. Stir firmly to combine. Empty this into the baking. Spread it evenly if needed. Cover it with a plastic wrap. Press slightly with a heavy tool. Now we chill until firm enough to cut. Remove the brownies from the wok then cut them in to required shape pieces. It's ready to eat or serve.

Vegetarian healthy recipe of "No Bake Coorgi Coffee Brownies"