Soulful Healthy Indian Vegetarian Tasty Vegetarian Dessert "Dark Chocolate Kheer"

Sweet Indian Rice Pudding Cooked with Chocolate


2 Cup Basmati Rice
1/8 Tsp Cardamom Powder
1000 Ml Milk
16 Saffron Strands
100 Gm Dark Chocolate
4 Tbsp Malt Powder
4 Tbsp Cocoa Powder
1/6 Cup Brown Sugar


First we soak the Basmati Rice  in water for 50-60 minutes then pressure cook them with Milk for 1st whistle. Instantly release the steam. Put in a deep pan. Keep it simmering for 20-35 minutes. Now we add the Saffron. Mix it nicely. Melt Dark chocolate on the side on a double boiler / microwave. Add the melted chocolate, Malt Powder & Cocoa Powder to  the almost ready dessert. As it thickens add Sugar. Cook till well done. Add the Cardamom Powder. Final mix. Eat or serve hot or cold.

Healthy vegetarian dessert Dark Chocolate Kheer Recipe
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